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11 November, 2011

Launch of the Lustrum: Opens its URL for Commoner RSVP, Blog, & Book Review

Today marked the long-awaited launch of our affiliate site, is a free, upscale, private, online dating site designed to promote Peer-Commoner matches.  This is our mission and the next logical step to what we have begun with The Single Peer!

The Commoners are presently invited to RSVP on and create their preliminary profiles, with opportunities to also create an extended profile in the coming weeks and with the Peers registering in the second wave of registrations.  The first 1,000 Commoners to RSVP will be guaranteed Free Lifetime Access to the site and discounts on any future premium services.  Please, say that we sent you!

In addition to the premiere of Commoner registration, The Godmother Blog launched today with its inaugural post, celebrating the 30th birthday of HRH Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg, the only bachelor prince among the heirs to the 10 ruling houses of Europe.  The Godmother Blog will provide feature articles about royalty and the aristocracy, including news about dashing, aristocratic men; women who have successfully married them; and other useful tips for dating or peer research.

Also launching today was The Godmother Book Review with its discussion of The Women of the Cousins’ War: The Duchess, The Queen, and the King’s Mother.  This selection not only ties in with the Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg blog post through its biography of Jacquetta of Luxembourg, but it also reintroduces us to the “Kate Middleton” of the 15th Century, Elizabeth Woodville, and thirdly profiles Margaret Beaufort, the mother behind the throne of King Henry VII.  You can expect to see more reviews of books related to royalty and aristocracy, particularly about women who have married into these circles or have been rulers in their own right.

And don’t think that’s all!  We are working with our developers on still more exciting and free features.  Keep checking in with us to take advantage of them as they are rolled out, including two international profiles with photos, Peer and Commoner searches, email, live online community chat, message boards, polls, royalty/peerage news, research links, and more!  And, if you’re married or not interesting in dating, some of these many features, like blogs, and reviews, can still be enjoyed by un-profiled site guests.

We thank you for the support you have shown already through your referrals, your registrations, and your interest in the launch.  Our mission is ultimately to bring you and The Single Peer of your dreams closer to the meaningful relationship that you may be seeking, entertaining you and providing support all the way.

See you there!

The Single Peer


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