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19 July, 2011

Duke of the Day:
Edward William Fitzalan-Howard,
18th Duke of Norfolk

In April 2011, after almost twenty-four years of marriage, the Duke and Duchess of Norfolk announced they were pursuing a trial separation.  Although, no intention to divorce has been published or other love interests named, this action on their part has caused much speculation that the couple intend their separation to be permanent.  As such, His Grace is, whether temporarily or permanently, a single peer and deserving of a profile here.  Subsequent events will naturally be of great interest to this blogger.  If a divorce follows, it will potentially be the first for this great line in hundreds of years.

Born in 1956 (2 December), this 54-year-old nobleman (pictured below, center) is England’s senior duke and the holder of nine other titles and property (West Sussex, London) worth as much as ₤100 million, including Arundel Castle.  The Duke of Norfolk additionally serves as Earl Marshal, Hereditary Marshal of England, and Chief Butler of England.  He is also the most senior lay member of the Roman Catholic Church in Britain.

His Grace attended Ampleforth College and Lincoln College, Oxford.  He was a Cub Scout in his youth and a race car driver, a passion shared by his eldest son and heir, “Henry Arundel.”  His Grace’s marriage to Her Grace produced five children, including The Lord Thomas Fitzalan-Howard (19; born 14 March, 1992), The Lord Philip Fitzalan-Howard (15; born 14 July, 1996), and the afore-mentioned Henry Fitzalan-Howard, Earl of Arundel (born 3 December, 1987), who was profiled by The Single Peer last year:


Arundel Castle, Arundel, Sussex BN18 9AB


Arundel Castle -