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16 October, 2010

Duke of the Day:
Alexander Douglas Douglas-Hamilton,
16th Duke of Hamilton and 13th Duke of Brandon

Born in 1978 (31 March), this 32-year-old Scottish nobleman and double-duke (center in photo below) succeeded his father upon his death in June of this year, becoming in his own right a peer of Scotland and the United Kingdom and inheriting 12 other titles.  His Grace is known to be intensely private, and little is known about his personal life.  He was educated in Scotland and is known as "Alex" to family and friends.  His engagement to Sophie Ann Rutherford, 34 (born 8 December, 1976), of Northampton was announced this past March, while he was still styled as The Marquess of Douglas and Clydesdale.  The wedding is to take place this year; however, until that "I do" is final, he is still a "single peer."  His presumptive heir is his younger brother, The Lord John William Douglas-Hamilton, 31, also believed to be single (born 2 October, 1979).

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  1. Off the market! The 16th Duke of Brandon and 13th Duke of Brandon was married to Sophie Ann Rutherford on 7 May, 2011. His eligible brother, Johnny Douglas-Hamilton (also profiled on this site), was his best man.