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12 February, 2011

Perennial Prince:
HRH Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales

Born in 1982 (21 June), this 28-year-old prince (pictured below) is the elder son of The Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and the late Diana, Princess of Wales and a grandson of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  Prince William is second in the line of succession to the throne of the United Kingdom and 15 other independent states.

The most eligible bachelor in the world, his ineligibility will at last be official with his marriage on 29 April, 2001 to long-standing girlfriend Catherine Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton, 29 (born 9 January, 1982).  The couple announced their engagement on 16 November, 2010 and set their wedding date shortly thereafter.  Prince William's launch into engaged status earned him the #1 ranking on The Single Peer's 2010 Ten Lords-a-Leaping list.

Following in his family’s footsteps, the young prince supports many charities and carries out official duties on behalf of the Royal Family, when not away for military service.  He enjoys polo and skiing, loves football, and participates in a number of outdoor activities.  Prince William is currently serving as a search and rescue helicopter pilot with the RAF.

His younger brother, HRH Prince Henry “Harry” Charles Albert David of Wales (26; born 15 September 1984) will shortly be the most eligible man in the land.


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  1. Nice blog--I look forward to reading much more.

  2. On Friday, 29 April, 2011, HRH Prince William married Catherine Middleton - the two of them known hereafter as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.