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18 December, 2010

Earl of the Hour:
Henry Miles Fitzalan-Howard,
Earl of Arundel

Born in 1987 (3 December), this 23-year-old nobleman (pictured below) is the eldest son and heir of the Duke of Norfolk, England’s senior duke, from whom he will one day inherit nine other titles and property worth as much as ₤100 million, including Arundel Castle.

Known as “Henry Arundel,” Lord Arundel is an economics student at Bristol University but is best recognized for his presence on the Formula racing circuit, including a 2007 third place finish in the Formula BMW UK.  He raced for Räikkönen Robertson Racing in 2008 and Carlin Motorsport in 2009.

The young earl also enjoys skiing, hiking, and climbing, primarily in Austria.  He is a fan of Oasis and Coldplay, and admires Roger Federer for his mental strength.  Lord Arundel has two single, younger brothers, The Lord Thomas Fitzalan-Howard (18) and The Lord Philip Fitzalan-Howard (14).

"Henry Arundel"

Arundel Castle


Arundel Castle, Arundel, Sussex BN18 9AB



  1. One never can tell - peers and royals are in play and are now available to all. I certainly wish you good luck!

  2. You could now also try for step-mom! Read about Lord Arundel's recently separated father, the Duke of Norfolk at