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10 October, 2011

Development of the Decade:
The Single Peer’s First Anniversary
and Launch of

Today marks the first anniversary of the founding of The Single Peer blog on 10/10/2010.

The support of our many blog readers, FaceBook friends, Twitter followers, and referral partners has warmed my heart throughout this year.  You have read; you have laughed; you have cried; you have commented; you have corrected (when I make a typo); you have “liked”; you have followed; you have mentioned; you have tweeted/retweeted; you have texted; you have joined; you have subscribed to feeds; you have Skyped; you have interviewed; and you have emailed.  It’s been a terrific ride!

Following the lives and romantic adventures of The Single Peer, under whatever name he was being profiled each posting, has hopefully brought entertainment into your lives.  In the coming year, however, my goal is also to be proactive in bringing you and The Single Peer of your dreams closer to the meaningful relationship that you may be seeking.

This blogger can’t think of a better way to celebrate our first anniversary and the start of our second year at The Single Peer than to also announce the pending launch of our affiliate site, is a free, upscale, private, online dating site designed to promote Peer-Commoner matches.  This is our mission and the next logical step to what we have begun with The Single Peer!

Our thoughts?  Even the most high-born gentleman can sometimes use a little help navigating the dating scene.  In many countries, aristocrats and royals are listed in peerage publications, but such listings are often very impersonal.  They do not scratch the surface of profiling these men to those who would like to actually get to know them. will provide an opportunity for Peers to round out cookie-cutter peerage directory listings and also search through profiles of eligible Commoners in complete privacy.  No paparazzi.  No spam.  No groupies.  Ever.  Just direct access to view and contact their kind of gal.

And what of the womenfolk?  Back in the day, the society pages and debutante register were places where Commoners of good family could shine, but such opportunities have unfortunately gone mostly by the wayside. will provide Commoners with what they need to showcase themselves to eligible, high-born gentlemen and empower them with the most complete information available about Peers of interest, compiled from respected peerage publications, online encyclopedias, social media, society confidants, and incorporating any edits the Peers themselves may make.  Tired of turning down dates with plumbers who message you on other dating sites?  All site users will affirm that they are single and of age, and Peers must be invited to the site or will undergo a verification process to confirm their identity.

In addition to two free international profiles with photos, will provide site users with free Peer and Commoner searches, email, live online community chat, message boards, polls, featured blog articles, book reviews, royalty/peerage news, research links, and more!  And, if you’re not interesting in dating, some of these many features, like polls, blogs, and reviews, can still be enjoyed by un-profiled site guests.

The launch will be a phased registration process.  The Commoners are invite to RSVP on and create their preliminary profiles as of the primary launch date, with the Peers registering in the second wave.  The first 1,000 Commoners to RSVP will be guaranteed free lifetime access to the site and discounts on any future premium services.  Please, say that we sent you!

We hope for your support and encouragement as we embark on this exciting venture, and we cannot be more grateful for the relationships we have begun to build with you in the past year on The Single Peer.

In the spirit of The Single Peer, and with respect for its tradition, will open its URL for RSVP by Commoners and review by site guests on 11/11/2011 at 11:11:11 GMT/UTC.

See you there!

The Single Peer


Godmother –


  1. Is there a way to sign up for the Godmother early?

  2. Hi, Christine,

    Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately, it is not possible to sign up on Godmother early. The developers are making their finishing touches for us at But you will be able to RSVP as a Commoner starting 11/11/11 at 11:11:11 AM London time. The first 1,000 RSVPs will receive free lifetime access. Good luck, and let us know if you have any other questions once the site is live!

  3. Hi, Christine,

    Godmother is up and adding new features daily! If you have not registered already, go to and select "RSVP as a Commoner." Enjoy!

  4. Happy first mensiversary (one month) to Godmother! Watch for new book review and blog postings this month at, in addition to The Single Peer's annual posting here of its Ten Lords-a-Leaping List!

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