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05 December, 2010

Viscount of the Week:
Henry Oliver Charles Fitzroy,
Viscount Ipswich

Punctuating our regular profiles of single peers, we must occasionally celebrate the marriage of one who has been formally or informally on our radar.  Convention not being what it was and divorce rates being what they are, we in no way lessen our best wishes and felicitations for a newly-married peer and his bride.  Should their love falter, we would note the returning availability of this peer; however, should their union triumph, we would equally rejoice in the birth of an heir!

The subject of our post today was born in 1978 (6 April).  This 32-year-old nobleman (no photo available) is the heir apparent to the Duke of Grafton, his grandfather, upon whose death he will inherit other titles; a vast, possibly as much as 20,000-acre estate in Norfolk that includes Euston Hall; and a singular art collection.

Lord Ipswich has not so far assumed the more senior courtesy title of the Earl of Euston, which was vacated when his father passed away in October of 2009.  Known as "Harry," Lord Ipswich was educated at Edinburgh University.  He plays the guitar and has been a radio personality in the United States.

Until recently, he was considered to be one of England’s most eligible bachelors.  His engagement to Olivia Margaret M. Sladen, 32 (born 1978), of Snowshill, Gloucestershire was announced this past April.  Their wedding is presumed to have taken place on 14 August, 2010 at Snowshill according to the local Village News.

Viscount Ipswich has no brothers, making his uncle, The Lord Charles Patrick Hugh Fitzroy, his presumptive successor.  The Lord Charles Fitzroy is married with two teenage sons, The Lord Nicholas “Nico” Fitzroy and The Lord George Fitzroy.


6 Vicarage Gdns, London W8 4AH
Euston Hall, Euston, Thetford, Norfolk IP24 2QW
Tel:  01842 753282


North Cotswolds Village News -

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