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12 December, 2010

Earl of the Hour:
Robert Somerset, Earl of Glamorgan

Born in 1989 (20 January), this 21-year-old nobleman (no photo available) is the grandson of the Duke of Beaufort and the elder son of his heir, Henry John Fitzroy Somerset, Earl of Worcester.

The present Duke of Beaufort (11th) and his progeny are among the dwindling descendants in the male line of the House of Lancaster from the House Plantagenet.  The Earl of Worcester is a musician, farmer, and surveyor and is married to environmentalist and former actress Tracy-Louise Ward (sister of actress Rachel Ward), with whom he has three children.

As the elder son of The Lord Worcester, The Lord Glamorgan stands to one day inherit up to ₤200 million of property and investments, including the magnificent Badminton Estate, home of the world-famous Badminton Horse Trials and the site where the game of badminton was invented.

Little is publicized about the young earl, who is known as “Bobby Worcester” and is presumably finishing his education.  One day soon, he will be considered one of England’s most eligible bachelors.  He has one brother, The Lord Alexander “Xan” Somerset, who is approximately 15 and therefore also single.

Badminton House
Badminton House, West Front


Badminton House, Badminton, Gloucestershire GL9 1DB


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